Your email address will not be published. Clean accumulated dirt in the track of a sliding shower door. This method is based on a monologue and doesn't account for another party asking questions. Prepare a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA). Before I leave the listing appointment, I ask the seller if I can take photos and videos of the home for pre-listing. The italicized documents can be found below. Ask 3 Other Agents to Give You A Valuation, 5. Pre-Listing Checklist for Real Estate Sellers of questions to ask agents before listing your home Fortunately, we’ve created a checklist with the steps that you can take to prepare before walking through the doors. Wade has achieved the top sales award level in the nation as a real estate agent and a broker owner. Agents that have recently sold homes in the neighborhood have information related to showing traffic, negative feedback, and marketing opportunities in the area. These values will help you gain insight and confidence when presenting the seller with their home's valuation. Try not to overwhelm clients with technical data. Most agents and sellers will not have an issue with this. Not only does delivery of a pre-listing package in advance of an in-person listing consultation appointment evidence a higher level of customer service and professionalism, it helps speed up the actual listing presentation and sets proper … They create high-quality booklets at an affordable price. By providing an overview of the discussion flow prepares your client to understand how you will sell the home. The next step in the listing appointment checklist is to call the homeowners association (HOA) to gather any unique rules and restrictions. Once you have as many details about the home as possible, now is the time to whip out all of that ninth-grade algebra you've forgotten over the years, grab a calculator, and start digging into the numbers, just kidding. Most agents that I call and speak with are usually an open book and are more than willing to share. Refer to Sell with Soul for more details on each specific item. It’s referred to as a Pre-Listing Packet because it’s sent to the seller before you meet with them to discuss their options and sign a listing agreement. … These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. You will spend countless minutes and hours going back through text messa… I explain that these will not be the actual photos used when the listing goes live but that I'll use them to create a little extra interest before we go live. Success with eXp results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, and leadership. It also explains how you are different from other agents and how your home selling plan is superior. If the home is in a guarded community, you'll get information from the HOA on showing instructions. You don't have to be a finance major to make it happen. I've helped hundreds of real estate agents, team leaders, & brokers all over the country, increase their business & build additional revenue streams. Before you arrive at your appointment you can complete your pre-visit checklist. PRE-LISTING APPOINTMENT CHECKLIST. However, when you start listing and selling many properties at the same time, using a real estate listing check list is imperative.You will constantly be thinking if certain items are complete. I always take a sign and lockbox with me to my listing appointment. Let me know in the comments below. Many agents will want to be added to the list, especially in this market, where inventory is low. Phone: (250) 212-8220 |, Awarded #1 Firm and #1 Manager in the Nation, Awarded #1 Recruiting Broker in the Nation, Awarded Top 1% in the Nation for Sales as an Agent, “I am committed to serve, impact and improve the lives of real estate agents and leaders creating a stress free lifestyle while having as much fun as possible along the way.” ~ Wade Webb ~. The Pre-Listing Packet Checklist. Simplify your content with bullet points, graphs, and other visual aids. Booking The Appointment 1. Complete Pre-Listing Folder Items / Actions Notes Packet Folder to store all documents Sample Property Flyer for Sellers’ Home Template … Required fields are marked. Any representation of guarantee of earnings would be misleading. You do not need to gather every single piece of information, but instead get a rough idea of the property before visiting it in person. How much do you currently owe? The last thing you need when selling your home is to have negotiated a sale price with a buyer only to have an … All opinions remain my own. Being on the same page cuts the time you spend at a listing appointment down significantly since they've had time to consume most of the material already. Together, we can make this year your best yet! **Affiliate Disclosure** - I sometimes use affiliate links in my content. Mail Thank-You Letter Day Of Appointment, Watch The Video On My Listing Appointment Checklist. Paints a positive picture that you are prepared and go the extra mile to create a positive experience. Listing Presentation Checklist Point #2 Your Listing Appointment Goal... (Checklist Point 2) The next task of your listing presentation must offer a summary guideline of the listing presentation discussion you will have with your listing client. 1. Fix soiled or missing grout. This won't cost you anything but it helps me to offset the costs of publishing helpful content, like hosting, virtual assistants, and equipment. Prior to putting your home on the market it is a recommended that you have your home pre-inspected to avoid any potential problems or delays in the sale of your home and to also save you time and money. Your pre-listing package should educate prospects, but there’s a lot of information to digest. Research the property. Pre-Listing Activities. **eXp Realty Earnings Disclosure** - The earnings portrayed are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that an eXp agent can or will earn through his or her participation in the eXp Sustainable Revenue Share plan. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. 9. Also, ensure there are no pending software … They genuinely feel like they've taken the next step. Your Pre-Listing Checklist for Success! Telehealth Pre-Appointment Checklist; Telehealth Urgent Care Clinic; Telehealth Urgent Care Guidelines; Telehealth Video Questions; Before your video session, please use this checklist to test your technology and equipment. Realtor© Secrets To Not Burning Out & Hitting The Wall, No or Low CostMarketing Ideas For Realtors© 2021, An Attitude Of Gratitude for Realtors© in 2021, REALTOR® Pre-Listing Checklist. Are you looking to get an edge on your next listing appointment? Call HOA For Any Rules and Restrictions, For example, I've listed homes that required different signs or no signs at all. It allows the seller to be on the same page with you during your appointment so that it's not the first time seeing the material you are going to share. Confirm listing appointment with seller in writing or by email and follow-up by phone. In your post, let people know that you'll reach out to those that wish to be added to the list as soon as you have further details and before the listing goes live. Fill in the form fields below to keep a safe copy of these details. There are countless tasks that need to occur between listing and closing in … … They create high-quality booklets at an affordable price. In the same way, a sales process checklist can help you to track each stage of the sales cycle and is the first step to … Receive the same tips I used to build a 7-figure real estate business from scratch in under five years! Sending a handwritten letter is especially helpful if you are competing for the listing because most agents will not take this extra step. Before the listing appointment you should look up past sales, get the tax records, check the sold price of comparable properties, even drive by the property to 'get a look' and take a photo! I take this process very seriously and I’m committed to getting your property sold at the highest price in the shortest time frame. Have your best listing appointment yet! Ask three other agents to give you their opinion of the value of your listing. There are 2 ways to do this, and I always follow the seller's lead: 1. Research sales activity for past 18 months from Multiple Listing Service … I supply the size, neighborhood, and price range but not the address or any exact information. Check out my Partner Page for details on the benefits of working with me at eXp Realty. A student of the real estate industry for almost 3 decades Wade has a heart for serving others and helping agents improve their personal and professional lives and live the life they really desire. If the listing is live within a week of signing the listing agreement, I'll install the yard sign. Bring Paper Copies of Required Documents, 10. Personalize the listing presentation with a picture/ video of the house. Reboot your device. If the seller hasn't signed the listing agreement or if they are still interviewing other agents, I assure them that I won't do anything with the media until they've given me the approval to do so. I use Google Slides to create a quick slideshow. Take Photos and Video At Appointment To "Put Feelers Out There", 13. There are many benefits that real estate agents will have when using this checklist.OrganizationWhen you are listing and selling one real estate listing, this checklist may not be that big of a deal. This likely stems from my background in new home sales. short and simple. This is a powerful way to win the listing before even seeing them but also helps make the listing appointment time that much shorter if they have reviewed it all. For some sellers, this listing appointment strategy is actually enough to win you the listing, particularly when you have a previous relationship to the seller. Note to Agent: The Pre-Listing Folder should contain the following documents. Call HOA For Any Rules and Restrictions The next step in the listing appointment checklist is to call the homeowners association (HOA) to gather any unique rules and restrictions. About Us. Before I head to the listing appointment, I put a thank you card in the mail for the seller. Be sure to note down key … I'm curious to know, what are some items on your listing appointment checklist that aren't on mine? This slideshow is a guide to keep the listing appointment on track. 5 Tips To Creating A Pre-Listing Presentation 1. Here’s a checklist of items I am sure to cover before concluding a listing presentation: Present my Mission, Vision, and the Value I bring to the process. 4 Research all comparable currently listed properties. Check out my post for more information on how to do a CMA. Within 3-6 Months (more if no comps) b. I will typically post a "Who do you know" post on social media before my listing appointment even takes place. With my listing appointment checklist you'll ensure that you stand out among the competition and have the best chance at earning the business. A net listing is not a type of listing agreement. These answers also help you complete your comparative market analysis in the next step. You can then screenshot the results and incorporate this into your listing presentation. You can share any processes you need to take with the seller. The pre-flight checklist helps to ensure that no critical step is overlooked or forgotten even if the pilot is in a hurry or preoccupied with other issues. 2. Use the pre-listing package content and strategies that top real estate agents use to stand out in competitive listing situations. 1. In this "buzz" post, I ask my social media audience (and share to realtor groups) who would like added to a list for details on an upcoming listing. By taking a sign and lockbox with me, I can install either or both once the listing agreement is signed. This length of time is ideal. Once you have completed your comparative market analysis, now's a good time to go drop off a pre-listing package (for occupied homes). Also, when you show up to the listing appointment, you can bring up these "independent" third-party agents' opinions as validation to the valuation you share with them. Available for PC, iOS and Android. I include my marketing booklet (everything I do to market their property) along with my CMA and a page about the home selling process in the package. Create a "Buzz" Post on Social Media to Screenshot For Listing Presentation. Pre-Listing Home Inspection Checklist . 2 Send a written or e-mail confirmation of appointment and call to confirm. A pre-listing package is a "surprise" bonus and sets the stage for your appointment. Keep It Simple. I like to keep my listing presentation short and simple. What recent repairs and updates have you made to the property? I use Google Slides to create a quick slideshow. However, here are a few questions you should ask over the phone, before the listing appointment: The answers to the above questions help get a complete picture of what you'll be walking into during the listing appointment. To that end, you should even ask the follow up questions to this question as … Make appointment with seller for listing presentation. Develop a potential marketing plan/advertising strategy; … 7. When do you wish to have your home listed? Avoid using technical terms that your client doesn’t need to know immediately.

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