Right, that's what I was thinking! The first anime adapted stories from about two books? Yeah, I don't want to harp on the new style too much because THINGS CHANGE JACOB, and it's not even my primary issue with the new series so far. It has a very similar atmosphere to Mushishi, exploring a beautifully created, fantastical world and its residents in an episodic format, with a somewhat detached protagonist who acts like a temporary observer rather than a resident of every place they visit. It is not tied to any place, nothing holds it anywhere. But to see everything, they can only spare three days in each land before moving on to the next adventure. This quickly culminates in Kino's clever plan to murder the murderbowl itself by first killing the king and then declaring that Everyone Should Fight to the Death for the right to replace him. Only she, her weapon and loyal friend Hermes, who in combination is also a motorcycle. You can also watch Kinos Journey on demand atiTunes online. Season 1, Episode 2. A cold wind blows with early winter. 20:18. This week in anime, Jacob and Steve compare notes on how the character's world has changed with time. Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the participants in this chatlog are not the views of Anime News Network. The world is ugly, but this is its beauty. Meet Kino, a traveler exploring beyond the boundaries into unknown mystical places! When 15-year-old Kino is feeling weighed down by heavy thoughts, one thing always manages to cheer her up: traveling. During their entrance ceremony, one of them started to eat a potato...". Watch now on Wakanim.TV The series first aired on April 8, 2003. III, Love Live! It doesn't matter much to me, since rain or shine, Kino's Journey is one of those shows that requires a lot of words regardless of its episode's quality. Kino's Journey - the Beautiful World- dubbed and subbed Kino's Journey - the Beautiful World- Season 1 (sub) - Wakanim.TV Overlord | Start watching with your 14-day free trial It is neither as powerful or intelligent as the first season. There's a broader theme uniting the two very different trios: music as pure self-expression. The release date for the anime “Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World season 2” has not been announced at this time. The stories chosen for this remake were selected via popularity poll, so with any luck we'll get some doozies while (hopefully) avoiding the pitfalls of Coliseum. Kino travels to mystical lands with Hermes, the talking motorcycle, to learn about the unique people and the fascinating stories they weave. There's a window of time where anyone who doesn't like the idea can skip town. THAT is what gets communicated in the 2003 version. Destination is a state of mind. Kino has made it to the finals, but the combat becomes more fierce and the bloodshed more commonplace. Arguably, the Wandering Witch anime is about as close to Kino’s Journey Season 2 … For those unaware of the original, Kino's Journey is a 2003 anime directed by Ryuutarou Nakamura (may he rest in peace) of Serial Experiments Lain fame. Answer Save. Their adventures consist of traveling the world, stopping by different countries and staying at them three days at a time. 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They stay in each country for no more than three days, as a rule—enough time to learn about each destination’s unique customs and people. Dive into a story of music and hope set against the backdrop of New York's boroughs. TV-14 | HD (1080p) | 2017. In the distant future, humanity suffered enormous losses. This season delivered a truly unexpected reboot in the form of a new Kino's Journey anime, so we compare notes on these two versions, what's changed, and why. It's unclear. 2 Answers. ― Tephlon Funk, a comic written by Stéphane Metayer and illustrated by David Tako, is both a fusion of anime and hip-hop influences and a giant love letter to the five boroughs of New York City. Episode 3 Bothersome Country. It's about as unexpected a choice for a remake as you can get, despite the wealth of source material. So I have a theory about this, because right before the Coliseum episode (which worked waaaaaaay better a two-parter in the first series for reasons I'm sure we'll get into), the remake's first episode. Favorite Answer. They first suspect an earthquake, but the source of the shaking turns out to be something much less natural – it’s a huge country on wheels, traveling across the land on an unstoppable, never-ending journey. Destination is a state of mind. Tephlon Funk has a whole world to discover and a dope soundtrack, too. Therefore, being a free bird, she observes what is happening in the lives of local residents. The series originally started serialization in MediaWorks' now-defunct light novel magazine Dengeki hp with the release of volume six on March 17, 2000. Kino wanders around the world on the back of Hermes, her unusual, anthropomorphic motorcycle, only staying in each country for three days. Easy Rider. Together they travel to different countries and meet the inhabitants there. And apparently we're also getting more Shizu, which means more PUPPY~. Overall Quality – Very High. You can also buy, rent Kinos Journey on demand at iTunes online. ― Karasuno is flying high as ever as they face off against their strongest opponents yet: the Miya twins and Inarizaki High in a bid to take Nationals. is there gonna be a season 2 kino no tabi? He planned to move to the country that lay up ahead, but according to him, murder isn't prohibited by law there, and a … The first game, titled Kino's Journey —the Beautiful World—, was released on July 17, 2003, and a "best" version was later released on November 25, 2004. The first volume of the series was published on July 10, 2000 by ASCII Media Works under their Dengeki Bunkopublishing imprint. Easy Rider. They need a break. Slum denizens are not only exempt, but protected from this violence by the decree. The dramatic love story among teenagers literally stirred the hearts of thousands of people. Kino's Journey has been adapted into two visual novel adventure games for the PlayStation 2 by Tycoon and ASCII Media Works. If your motto's "The world is not beautiful, therefore it is," I'm gonna need a lil more o' dat "therefore it is". Relevance. This is MHA's twisted little sister and she's out to assassinate all her superpowered c... 'm quite fond of the core of Camelot's story, mainly because I'm a sucker for dashing knights who angst about their failed ideals, and this film was filled with all of that good stuff. So with the remake opening once again on a monologue that (weird preoccupation with killing aside) openly questions Kino's motives for traveling, I'm hoping that facade will be cracked a little further. Relevance. Watch now on Wakanim.TV As Kino takes a boat downriver and enjoys a lazy fishing trip, she finds herself recalling the people she has met on her travels who were undertaking journeys of their own. Together they travel to different countries and meet the inhabitants there. Kino no Tabi, known in English as Kino's Journey (and also using the English title Kino's Travels on official Japanese merchandise), is a Light Novel series by Keiichi Sigsawa which was adapted into a thirteen-episode TV anime series in 2003, one OVA, and two films. Based on the hit novel series, Kino’s Journey is about a character named Kino who travels around the world with a talking motorcycle named Hermes. Kino s Journey (2003) Season 1 Episode 10 - Duration: 20:18. It has a very similar atmosphere to Mushishi, exploring a beautifully created, fantastical world and its residents in an episodic format, with a somewhat detached protagonist who acts like a temporary observer rather than a resident of every place they visit.