After the second semester, another 2 OOC-ed from NTU. You have completed your programme and have qualified for an award. Its worth the fight to get a slot for the class! ntu electives review. You have passed the stage but have opted to leave the programme. Anyone got advice on what should i do to prevent … Note: Core, GER Core and major Prescribed Elective (PE) courses are listed together under the respective programme in the class schedule. I advice to take Coursera mods if want pass fail. Close. AB1402 Foundational Excel (Online) Pass/Fail mod Very tedious; Every week there is a practice and assignment, which are exactly the same, so you can do it concurrently in two windows / tabs. Online recorded lectures available. You have to reap for what you sow. In the morning the doctor called me, saying my mum had cancer. EE8061 Inno & Tech Management. NTU students who enrol in NTU’s pre-approved list of MOOCs offered by the world’s top universities may also have the credits transferred to their programme to fulfil their Major PE, GER PE or GER UE requirements. 19 days ago. Sent from Samsung GT-I9305 using GAGT there are p/f mods in ntu also.. 24-06-2015, … Assessment - MCQ quiz (40%, 40 qns - closed book) - Final Exam (60%, 4 essay qns - open book). 1. forgot to do a pass/fail online mod... what happens? Do some googling about this if you want more information. report. Log in sign up. NTU 4 weeks into the semester. which was tested in air, nearly failed at 11kV and it exhib-ited a distorted electrode shape and irregular-pitch wrinkles near the defective spot as shown in Fig. February 6, 2015 chocolatefugue Leave a comment. 1. Senior Member . You have to reap for what you sow. Last I heard, they're working. Tempted? To use up Aus and to free my time next time. Senior Member . your gpa will like stock market keep going up liao. Granted this module isn't going to affect my GPA (it's a pass fail mod), but still all these failures is just so demoralizing. Let's make this a civil and vibrant place for open discussion! Assessment - MCQ quiz (40%, 40 qns - closed book) - Final Exam (60%, 4 essay qns - open book). That said, try not to fail as pass/fail mods are freebies for clearing your required UEs. This mysterious thing called STARS and all the abbreviations that I have no idea what they mean. Saturday, 11 November 2017. Assessment: 20% CA (25 marks MCQ) - Week 9 80% Finals (40 marks scenario-based question, 40 marks MCQ)-----The lectures are split between live (guest lecturers) and online lectures. The content is pretty light and all the lectures are recorded in case you miss anything. Senior Member . Saturday, 11 November 2017. You have failed certain modules and you may either repeat all elements of these modules next session or accept a Diploma of Higher Education. This mod im taking now banks heavily on the knowledge from the mod last sem and I am SO LOST, right from week 1, 20mins into the lecture. 23-12-2011, 10:11 AM #7: asdjajk. Would definitely recommend this mod to everyone who wants a chill mod/enjoys art. On the other hand, the DEA sample, which was tested in the liq-uid dielectric bath, did not fail at 11kV while mild wrinkles They are free to choose a module that they really like, not fearing about the consequence of a failure. You have yet to complete your assessments. You have withdrawn from the programme but may repeat all elements of the failed modules next session. In order to do so, students would need to take note of the following when signing up for the MOOC. Respect it. Someone I know used to take Econs, skipped all tutorials and missed midterm, and he kinda can do the finals (like 75% ish) and he got U. You have outstanding modules to take as if for the first time next session. 15AU + 3 AU from coursera + 8AU of FYP. 6. Yes, you may do so within the stipulated window period for S/U declaration. Finals is 60%. Thus maximum i can score for the course is 60%. You will be able to link on the module to your referred work for what you need to do next. Meaning that it wont drag your GPA down. Its worth the fight to get a slot for the class! 9. Do some googling about this if you want more information. My current situation: I am taking HE9091 Principle of economics. You have failed a number of modules and you are therefore unable to continue with your programme if study but you may transfer to an alternative programme. You have outstanding modules to complete for stage 2. r/NTU. In an e-mail to students on Thursday (March 26), … :) If you need instructions on using our forum check out FAQs page. Online recorded lectures available. r/NTU: Subreddit first the NTU Singapore Community. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. EE8092 Digital Lifestyle EE8092 Digital Lifestyle Taken in AY16/17 Sem 2 Course details Offered in Sem 2 AUs: 3 Category: GER-PE (STS)/UE Pass/Fail mod: No No tutorial classes. Posted by 12 days ago. I took it and dropped it. Hello peeps, is it possible to fail a mod if I pass on absolute marks (scored more than 50%) but the cohort did very well on average (e.g average 65-70%)? And if I MC what is reflected on my transcript? User account menu. Question . So, I think you can’t do the other exam that day. Pass/Fail mod: No 2 hours lecture and 1 hour tutorial weekly. As much as we survived, there were a few of my friends who didn't survive. Anyway, you will have to retake it next sem or next year if its offered in sem 1 only. NTU and SMU will also let undergraduates use the S/U option, but for all courses this semester.