Porcupine Rim: DIFFICULT. You follow the main trail straight across the wash and follow along the benches as they wind higher above the water. On the gnarliness scale, Moab has rides ranging from “weekend warrior” to “I put an extra $15K into my $18K CJ7.”. Because of all this, the town is rapidly growing. As you approach the canyon, you will see the deep hole [7.8] that opens into the canyon wall leaving the twin spans. 800-635-6622 The point where the trail is pinched between rocks on the left and the abyss on the right [20.3] is “Chicken Corners” where Moab area guides were reputed to allow “chicken” passengers to walk, rather than ride, past the narrow, sloping section of trail. The trail dead-ends at Chicken Corners about 400 feet above the river across from Dead Horse Point. The easy Bar M trail forms a loop from which the other trails can be reached, from the beginner friendly Bar M, Rusty Spur and Lazy-EZ to the double-black Deadman's Ridge, Longbranch and the "Killer B" downhill off the Bar B loop. There, a right turn returns you to US Highway 191, while a left heads for Dead Horse Point State Park and the Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands National Park. Visitors can bring their own vehicle, rent a jeep, or take a tour with one of Moab’s experienced & permitted guides. When the pavement ends near Kane Creek [0.0], continue on the good gravel road as it enters Kane Springs Canyon and follows the canyon meanders at various levels above the creek. On some, routes are obscure, while on others, the roads are clear enough but the many unnamed junctions are confusing. Visit their website here: rr4w.com. OHVs are permitted on the Sand Flats Road. The "Brand Trails" are a network of trails a few miles north of Moab. POISON SPIDER MESA | At least one person in your party should have a neck tattoo Logowitz said all non-motorized trails in the Moab area are open to hikers and runners, in addition to mountain bikers. It hosts two national parks, and some would say it is the mecca of wheeling. After that, routes and junctions are marked in ways appropriate for the terrain, wooden posts may have a “trail” sign, slickrock may have painted symbols, and most areas will have cairns -small rock piles-to show the route. However, please note that ATV & UTV riding is not allowed within either Arches or Canyonlands National Parks. The club’s website contains a fantastic reference to most of the 4-wheel drive trails in the Moab area. Difficulty: Easy. From Main Street at Center Street in Moab, travel south on Main 6/10 mile, turn right on Kane Creek Boulevard, follow it through two sweeping curves past its junction with 500 West and continue into the river canyon. Once dubbed a "sleepy town and a hidden secret" to tourists no longer applies. More technical than Fins & Things. The Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center (MRAC) will remain open and City staff must wear masks at all times. Always remember that travel is limited to designated motorized routes only. Nevertheless, a sign has been placed to identify each trail a short way into the trail. You can do this one in a stock jeep. Round Trip from Moab: 20 miles 25 East Center Street Mile 9.0: Continue on trail 4/10 mile to main road. Mile 7.0: Cross ravine, climb slickrock to your right. Stay on marked route which is almost all slickrock. The trail names are based on cattle brands and spell out M.O.A.B. White Rim OHV Loop is a 99 mile loop trail located near Moab, Utah that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. Mile 7.7: Left is exit to main road (1/2 mile); right continues out on a fin. The main trail continues along the river benches, which are capped with fossil-bearing limestone, until it crosses a major wash [17.1]. Mile 7.3-7.4: Climb fin, then hard right at Mile 7.4. Continue with the gravel road as it crosses the mouth of Hunter Canyon at a hiking trailhead [3.2]. The trail joins the graded road that you were on earlier near a drill pad [9.7], and you travel the graded road westerly to paved SR 313 [13.8]. Stay with the best maintained trail through upper Little Canyon (old mine trails leave left and right, and a strong spur trail leaves left into a side canyon). Go straight here or follow the easier alternate route to your left, marked with white dots. Bike Trail System 8 miles north of Moab. Mile 9.4: Sand Flats Road. Moab Spanish Trail Shell a friendly convenience store where costumer service is always a must. Opinions vary, and an individual’s judgment may change considerably as they gain experience. In 1/2 mile, you will cross here again. The popular and challenging trail, which takes thrill-seekers 34 miles downhill from the La Sal Mountains to the Colorado River, can remain closed due to snow and mud as late as mid-July or even early August. Farther on, two trail junctions [14.4 and 14.6] leave to the left in view of a large side canyon and a mound of red rocks not far to the left of the trail. Return part way toward the “Y” junction, but take- the short-cut [8.0] to the left to join the main trail that was the right-hand fork of the “Y”. 4-wheel driving difficulty is hard to describe objectively. Round Trip from Moab: 48 miles Industry Website, Canyonlands Jeep Adventures & Car Rentals. We've assembled a list of our some favorite local trails. Moab, UT 84532 Happy trails. Please choose your trail wisely, with honest appraisal of your equipment and experience in this terrain. Current Moab Status – UPDATED December 14, 2020. For a more optimal web experience, please view our site on Microsoft's recommended browser, Edge. However, each of the best hiking trails in Moab offers something a little different than the last. Even the bypass routes are harrowing. Jeep Trails in Moab. The best hikes in Moab can be found throughout the Moab area and range in difficulty. If you have all day, continue on to Golden Spike and then Gold Bar Rim for more technical driving. FINS & THINGS | Requires Big Boy/Girl Pants Although the city of Moab does not have any public long-term parking areas, these companies provide safe, secure storage. Minimum Time: 2-1/2 hours Moab has focused a ton of effort and resources over the past several years into creating more trails and making the area more friendly for a range of activities. It’s a fun trail with a scary name. Crowd sourced trail reports indicating current trail status & conditions for Moab, Utah Lines backed up the entrance to Arches National Park on Monday as many Utahns headed south with plans to “self-isolate” in the desert. Although some upper elevation trails (such as the top sections of the Whole Enchilada) can become inaccessible due to snow, you can find great riding all year long. Utah Travel Those who aren’t content to admire the scenery from behind the windows of their car have a seemingly endless menu of thrilling trails to explore. These trails go to the rock mound and its interesting catacomb caves. The easiest of these trails is suitable for stock high-clearance four-wheel drive vehicles. Moab has numerous trails suitable for ATVs and UTVs. The trail continues along the broad bench until it narrows to an old horse trail [21.5]. Stay on the trail. On this dirt/rock hybrid, keep an eye out for mountain bikers, petroglyphs and Pig Rock. Round Trip from Moab: 54 miles The Moab area’s beauty, history, and, hundreds of miles of old mining roads and 4-wheel drive trails make it a place that will never be forgotten. All skill level of trails. There are two sections to the trail, both of which loop out from Sand Flats Road, and you’re actually on fins a majority of the time. With a labyrinth of hundreds and hundreds of miles of trail systems to explore, we’d feel terrible if you took a wrong turn and missed dinner. “Eagle Eye Trail is now complete and open to the public!” announced Maddie Logowitz, director of the Grand County Active Transportation and Trails Division. One-way travel only. Go left here. The trail is marked with metal signs and white symbols painted on the slickrock surface. Mile 1.4: Series of steep drops through a slickrock ravine. The toughest of the four by far. Trail conditions are regularly updated! What follows is just a taste of what Moab has to offer outside of the national parks. Please be considerate when driving through campgrounds. Toilet on your left, trail goes right. Watch for symbols. 172 likes. No alternate routes here. This less-maintained trail is the older route; the graded road is not shown on many trail maps. Copyright © 2020 Utah.com. Dirt is being moved at the end of Aggie Boulevard — on the west side of Highway 191 across the highway from Millcreek Drive — as construction begins on the new Utah State University-Moab campus. Moab Trails Open Year Round. The route travels the Colorado River Canyon just below Moab, follows a spectacular part of Kane Springs Canyon, climbs the Kane Creek anticline to Hurrah Pass, and descends to benches above the Colorado River. There are now more beginner-friendly trails than ever, and plenty of trails to keep everyone entertained for a long weekend or more. There are some steep ascents so it’s not for beginners, but it’s generally common-sense driving. There are very steep ascents and descents. Need somewhere to to park your vehicle or trailer overnight? But, not until you’ve looked over our area maps and know where you’re going. From the center of Moab, travel north on US Highway 191 for 9.8 miles (you are still south of the SR 313 junction). Mile 8.6: Hard right, then left. You can download it here. Mile 1.8 Intersection at Fox Campground. The Moab area contains a large number of pet friendly trails on Bureau of Land Management lands to suit any experience level. Customers must wear masks at all times except when in the pool or the fitness center. From cool stream-side hikes, to spectacular sandstone arches, the Moab area is full of exciting day-hikes suitable for the entire family. Do not attempt to ford in high water; the water can be window-deep following storms or heavy spring melts. They also seek to utilize public lands in a responsible manner as part of an effort to keep public land trails and roads available for multipurpose use. Difficulty: Difficult. Mile 0.8: Trail drops off fin to right, climbs up again, then drops to the right. Moab is celebrated for it wide array of 4x4 and backcountry trails. Scroll down to see more Moab Offroad Trails. Follow symbols on an up-and-down ride to mile 9.0. Follow signs to Hawk Campground. Return to Moab by the same route. Top Moab Off-Road & ATV Trails: See reviews and photos of off-road & atv trails in Moab, Utah on Tripadvisor. "It's a relatively easy … Trail Marking. For experts who have lifts, lockers, big tires and a good attitude about body damage. 970.249.7755 317 South 2nd … ATV users should pick up the trail on the Sand Flats Road at the Diving Board Rock formation which is 3.7 miles from the Entrance Station. With two national parks, one state park and endless BLM hiking trails, there are a lot of hiking trails in Moab. The Moab area’s beauty, history, and, hundreds of miles of old mining roads and 4-wheel drive trails make it a place that will never be forgotten.