Armadillos like to create burrows in areas that have a protective cover. I tried it and it looked like they were eating them. Should I call animal control? This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Don't keep them in the trap for more than an hour or so, and try to release them in a hospitable environment. Why this may not work: By getting rid of these materials from your yard, you are removing the habitat of other wildlife. For example, set traps near the entrance of an active burrow or alongside fencing barriers where armadillos have a habit of traveling. Using it is a non-toxic and safe way to get rid of armadillos without hurting your garden or lawn. Armadillos are tough, but you, a determined homeowner, are tougher. In order to catch an armadillo you must know where it is coming from and where it is going so you can set a trap in the animal’s path. There is no effective repellent or deterrent product that you can simply buy and spray or sprinkle on your property to make armadillos leave. They isn't any bait that works for armadillos (they eat worms and grubs). This will dissuade the armadillo’s burrowing instinct. % of people told us that this article helped them. Armadillos are solitary and a live, cage trap is an effective way to remove them. Use an effective castor oil-based repellent to drive armadillos out and to prevent them from digging for food on your property. Though possums can bite, I have never heard of an armadillo biting a person. You can also soak a rag in vinegar or ammonia and leave it near the burrow to repel armadillos. ", "I read this article for information only. Leave the cage opened until the armadillos get trapped into the cage while searching for food inside the cage. Additionally, spread castor oil, cayenne pepper, or mothballs around your yard since armadillos don't like these smells. Mix 2 parts castor oil, 1 part dish soap and 1 gallon of water in a large bucket. How can you get rid of armadillos in your yard? To learn how to use parasitic worms to keep armadillos out of your garden, keep reading! Don’t let an armadillo’s small size, big ears, and cute snout fool you. Oftentimes, the little holes found in yards are due to armadillos searching for them. The best way to get rid of armadillos is to trap them with live traps and relocate them after which they are barred from re-entering your garden or farmyard with fences. You would think that a well-kept lawn would mean fewer pests, but the moist soil makes a welcoming invitation for these hungry critters. To keep Armadillos out of your yard, make your yard non-conducive as possible. Examples of bogus products include moth … There's no reason for it to attack you, but you should still try to not stand directly in front of its path. Try one of our methods above and you likely will have those armadillos finding new territory in no time. There are 11 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. There are lots of them and they can destroy a yard in just a few nights. Why is it not leaving? Pro tip: Wooden boards can help funnel any armadillos moving alongside barriers right into the traps. Though having just one armadillo may not warrant putting up a fence, if it is a recurring problem a fence may be your best option. One can try making their yard smell unpleasant. Pro tip: If you opt for this shocking solution, a single-strand electrical fence 3 to 4 inches off the ground can be effective, the University of Missouri Extension recommends. Just be sure to test any finishes first, like car paint, to make sure the alcohol won't damage it. We use cat food as bait, but it doesn't seem to work for the armadillo. ), the oil can be mixed with alcohol for better spray control and a faster dry time. These traps are non-lethal and won't harm the armadillo. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. Follow the steps in the article if you really feel the need to have it gone. You can use it to make your own homemade repellent. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. After you release of the armadillo, try several preventative measures to ensure that you won't be bothered by armadillos in the future! I wish I had not waited so late in the year to ask, "Very informative. Armadillos live in burrows, so they dig a hole under the shed, often tossing dirt out the side of the shed. Once you catch the armadillo, release it in a wooded area at least 5 miles from your home. Some people decide to bait armadillo traps with earthworms. So it … Make your yard stink! Armadillos struggle to recognize food sources until they are up close. An animal trap is a hands-free way to humanely catch an armadillo and get it out of your hair for good. If you are using it on structures or non-organic surfaces (like driveways, sidewalks, etc. Armadillos love to and need to dig to get their meals. Stand behind or to one side of the cage as you release the armadillo. Research has shown that a variety of ingredients that you may have around your home can work to rid your lawn of these pesky critters. Armadillos’ sharp claws will even cause structural damage by burrowing tunnels under buildings and driveways. "I come home every night and I have an armadillo living behind the outside garbage can. Remember to treat armadillos kindly after you capture them! Keeping Armadillos at Bay There are many reasons that you may not want armadillos hanging around your home or yard. This could involve snipping overhanging branches or moving patio furniture toward the middle of the lawn to prevent armadillos from hiding under it. The best deterrent is to make your yard smell. Do I use bait in the trap to get rid of armadillos? Remember, these creatures are on the endangered list and helping them thrive in areas that they love is one of the best ways to help keep them alive and away from your homes. We have several live traps. If you want to get rid of armadillos, keep your surroundings clean and free of insects. You will also find them digging burrows under the trees, the shed in your backyard, the driveway, home and foundation. Because they are still breathing! One of the strong repellents is castor oil for armadillos… Also check outdoor structures like your shed or garage. I have a live trap the correct size and type, but the armadillo pushed so hard on the door it bent the latch and escaped. Pro tip: You may read online that the strong smell of mothballs, castor oil or ammonia can be used as armadillo repellents. Fill in the hole with dirt, and if the problem persists, consider installing the fence a foot or more into the ground. Don't spray when rain is eminent or you'll have to do it all again. If the above solutions don’t run off your armadillo, call animal control, wildlife removal, or pest control expert near you. The University of Florida IFAS Extension experimented on how 40 armadillos responded to a variety of baits. This is done by using wood chips that keep armadillos away from flower beds. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Go back to the Armadillo Removal page. How to Get Rid of Armadillos - Get Rid of Armadillos - YouTube Get the proven playbook to heal a broken heart. 10 Ways to Get Rid of Armadillos. When an armadillo is loose in your home or backyard, it can be hard to know what to do. Armadillos hate the smell of ammonia, vinegar and mothballs [source: MSU ]. You can have that luxury, though, with the solar-powered ultrasonic armadillo repeller. Main image credit:, CC by 3.0. By using our site, you agree to our. This will give you a clue about where the burrow is located. Why do they keep returning to my yard? Keep up the good work. Every day at wikiHow, we work hard to give you access to instructions and information that will help you live a better life, whether it's keeping you safer, healthier, or improving your well-being. LawnStarter is a startup making lawn care easy affordable and reliable. I have dogs, and needed something that would not injure them but deter, "Never knew what armadillos do not like, now I do and don't have to go out and try to shoot them. Castor oil is an all-natural oil that penetrates the ground, and repels armadillos in two ways : spoils the food sources (insects, grubs, etc.) Again, for these animals, finding an area that provides a steady supply of food is the major goal. Your armadillo fence should achieve the following in order to keep armadillos out: stand at least 24" tall penetrate the ground at least 6-12" Through putting up a fence is a lot of work, so is repairing a damaged garden or backyard after an armadillo has dug it up. In general, armadillos prefer to crawl along the outskirts of a space rather than through the middle. Why this may not work: Ridding the soil of all insects, grubs, and worms may lead to a whole new set of problems as plants also rely on these organisms. That’s why we’ve collected five methods you can use to protect your lawn from damage and preserve the animal’s life. Read more about What to Do If You Find a Nest Of Baby Armadillos and Best Ways to Remove Armadillos From Under Your Shed Or Porch. 2) No bait is effective - set traps in areas of high armadillo activity, on trails or even on top of escape burrows. Step 2: Get Rid of the Armadillos. Does Castor Oil Get Rid of Armadillos? We can trap possums, skunks, and on several occasions the neighbor's cat! What this means: You will need to find your armadillo’s (or armadillos’) travel paths and holes to place a trap where armadillos are most likely to stumble upon it. Rumor has it, these roly-poly creatures are offended by … These tunnels and holes can pose their own challenges to kids playing in your yard or you when you’re mowing the lawn. Any suggestions? Probably because it likes it there and has no reason to leave. Hoping that works as we are tired of the damage they are causing to the lawn and our privacy.